ADUs are popular in places that traditionally have housing shortages as a low-cost method to provide extra housing and gain rental income. Moreover, building an ADU can significantly increase the resale value of your home. The best part of building an ADU is that there is no extra land cost as the structure is on your existing housing lot. 

ADUs, short for accessory dwelling units, are a great way to promote affordable housing and generate rental income. If you are interested in building an ADU, contact Fix It Services GC Inc in Elk Grove, CA. Our experienced construction team can help with all steps of planning and constructing an ADU.

Homeowners can choose between several types of ADUs, including but not limited to:

Garage conversion. 
You can convert a detached or connected garage into an ADU.

Home conversion.
A home conversion ADU is a part of the existing house that is remodeled to have a kitchen and separate living space.

This classic kind of ADU is a separate building located on your housing lot. 

Garage addition. 
Garage additions share at least one wall with your existing detached or connected garage. 

Home addition. 
A home addition ADU shares a common wall with your existing house but is otherwise a separate structure.


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